I can't remember the last time I had as much fun coloring Easter eggs as I did last year. That's because I finally found out how to get the pastel colors I always wanted. It was pretty simple actually - I used white eggs. There is a good chance of finding them on the markets before Easter, but in case you don't, here is a neat trick - whitening the eggs. 

1| Wash the eggs properly.
2| Put the eggs in a deep pot. On every 4 glasses of water, add one glass of vinegar.
3| Boil the eggs as you would normally, but make sure to remove the foam that comes out.
4| When the eggs are boiled, leave them to cool down. Then wash them in lukewarm water.
5| Rub and dry the eggs with a cloth.

Dyeing! It doesn't matter which type of colors you use. Just add more water than it says on the packaging and shorten the time the egg is supposed to stay in the dye. That's the entire wisdom.

Time for illustrations! Thin markers and imagination is everything you'll need. If you lack inspiration, there are always tons of ideas on Pinterest. Do not even think about your drawing skills, cause no skills are needed for this endeavor. The simpler and more effortless the drawing is, the better it looks, I give you my word! :)

Don't forget to leave some of the eggs uncolored, so you can have white 'canvas' for some of your illustrations. :)

I have so many ideas for this year's Easter eggs, I hope I'll manage to do at least one more post on the subject before the Easter comes!  I'm so excited about this, guys! :)
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