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I love simple patterns, especially when it comes to stationary design. These days, this kind of simplicity is harder to find, and when I do find it, these items are usually pretty expensive. That's why I decided to do some washi tape makeovers!

There is only one thing to keep in mind while doing this, and that is following the pattern. If you have dots on your tape, for example, make sure they are aligned properly when taped to your pencil, notebook etc.

If you type 'washi tape ideas' in Pinterest search, the possibilities will blow your mind. Phone cases, keys, drawers, old photo frames, you can even give your phone charger a make over. :) The fun is endless with these tapes!

Enjoy your makeovers, guys!

DIY JEWELRY DISHES - Perfect Women's Day gifts

I've been planing on making jewelry dishes for a while now. I supplied myself  with both polymer and air-dry clay, colors and everything. I just needed an occasion, and here comes the perfect one- Women's Day! Let's make those gifts! :)

1| Roll out the clay using a rolling pin. It should be 0.5cm / 0.2 inch thick.

2| Using a bowl or any mold shape of your choosing, get the shapes that you need out of the rolled out clay. If you want your dishes to have irregular shapes, roll them some more with a rolling pin in different directions.

3| Curve the edges upwards gently with your hands, so your dishes would get some depth. 

4| Dry the clay using the directions printed on your clay package. If the clay is air-dry, I recommend using an oven fan, without turning on the heat.

If you've chosen polymer clay in color, you will skip the coloring step. But you can always add those beautiful golden edges. :)

5| Color you dishes with acrylic paint and let them dry.

6| When they are well dried, add the golden edges with an oil-based marker in gold/or silver.

7| Gift the dishes to your favorite women! :)

Happy Women's Day, girls! :)