You might think that I really know my way around the kitchen or perhaps that I'm some skilled pastry chef, but non of that is true. However, this does not stop me from surprising my guests with delicious and fun desserts. I do not believe that you have to spend hours in the kitchen and follow recipes to the smallest details in order to get a perfect treat. I love to improvise, use edible colors, and serve the delicacies in style. :)

While I was shopping for cake decorations, I came across a luscious package marzipan. It was so soft and delightful to touch, I could not resist buying it. I was so excited about it, that as soon as I got home, I mixed up some muffin dough and put it in the oven. I urgently needed something to wrap in macipan! : D

When you are using marzipan for cake covering it's important to have compact and stable cake. So I figured, bready and biscuity doughs will do. You just need to find baking mold that suits your needs, or bake it all in a regular rectangle mold and then cut out the shape you want.

Marzipan is almond colored, because almonds, next to sugar, are the main ingredient. Therefore, it can not be colored in soft or pastel colors. For that you will need fondant because it is white and consists mainly of sugar. However, marzipan is much tastier due to almonds, so I agreed to compromise. :) You can buy it in well-stocked supermarkets, ask for it a local pastry shop or you can even make it yourself.

There are many tutorials online for coloring and using marzipan, and you should know it pretty easy. You just need some powder sugar, a rolling pin and food coloring.

For the top I chose cream, edible pearls and roses. But instead, you can put your favorite fruit, ice cream, real flowers, there are no limits, that's the charm of it. :)

Experiment, because you never know what you can discover. Who knew that marzipan and muffins can be this yummy! : D

If the kitchen is not your best friend, you can always invite your favorite assistant - your mother, sister, girlfriend, or in my case, a boyfriend. Make a party of it, mix up some virgin cocktails, play your favorite playlist and mix, dance, bake and laugh. :) The best part is that your cake does not have to look like mine. You choose your own colors, decorations, shapes, sizes, and even dough! Let your imagination run wild, because, as I like to say, this is not a recipe, this is an idea. :)

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