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We've already made colorful ice cream and now it's ice cream cones turn! It's super easy and so much fun to make. :)

You can use regular melted chocolate or colorful candy melts. My suggestion is not adding any butter while melting, so the glaze stays thick and covers just enough of the cones.

We add sprinkles while the glaze is still warm, right after dipping the cones into it. Don't forget to shake off the extra glaze while dipping, we don't want to cover the entire cone. :)

Let them cool in shot glasses so they would stay upwards.

Add you favorite ice cream, some more sprinkles, maybe even some printable accessories from the previous post,  anything you want, have fun with it! :)

Enjoy your colorful treats, guys! :)


I've decided not to wait for an exotic beach to be able to enjoy some tropic vibes. Themed drinks are my passion, and here is the summer edition! Yay! :)

After you get your free printables by clicking HERE,

After you print out the printables on a thick piece of paper, you just cut out the shapes and glue them onto the straws ( or sticks ). Super easy, right? :)

But, there is an important detail you should know before folding the stripes of the umbrellas. To avoid cracks in the paper and print, it's best to use a ruler and a dull knife to go over all the surfaces where the fold is supposed to be. This way you make a mark in the paper and the folding gets so much easier and neater. ;)

For gluing the sticks to the umbrellas I definitely recommend a glue gun. It's much easier to place the sticks at the right angle when you have a little ball of glue. :)

We can not forget the coconuts when making summer cocktails! They make delicious cups, especially for drinking Malibu rum with milk - my favorite, yum! The perk of this cocktail is that it's white and it can be dyed easily into a perfect soft pink. :)

I hope you like the new printables as much as I do!
I can't wait to see how your summer drinks turned out! :)

HOMEMADE JAPANESE FANS with free printables

I can't imagine going through the summer in the city without a fan. So, naturally, I decided to make some Japanese fans in my favorite colors. :) It's super easy! If you like my patterns, you can download them at the end of the page, after you get the chance to see them, of course. :)

Picture says a thousand words, right!? 

I used washi tapes for keeping them open, but it's much more practical to use rubber bands, both for keeping the fan open or for keeping it closed. When closed, it's gets pretty tiny so you can put it in any bag and always have it with you! 

If you liked my patterns, you can download them by clicking on the pattern description:

I hope you will enjoy your homemade fans, guys! :)

DIY KITCHEN DECOR - Miss Boardy + free printables

The time has come for some kitchen beautification. :) I chose a wall in our kitchen to decorate with some silly and cute illustrations and crafts. I thought the wooden cutting board would be a perfect art board for this occasion. So I decided to turn one into the cutest miss Boardy. :)

After you download a free printable by clicking HERE,

1| In the printable, you will find a face for miss Boardy in two sizes. Print it on a self-adhesive paper and choose the size that suits your board. Then cut out the lips, eyes and blush circles. There is also a ribbon for her hair.

2| Use acrylic or craft paint to paint her hair. Let it dry.

3| Paste the lips, eyes, blush circles and the ribbon onto the board. Keep in mind this board will not be usable or washable anymore, it's only a decoration piece now. :)

For this occasion I designed a couple of silly kitchen illustrations. You can download them by clicking HERE.

The spoons are also painted with acrylics. I chose plastic spoons because they are light and can be glued to the wall easily. I used a glue gun for this.

I just had to add a knife and a fork, too, I couldn't help myself. :)

I hope you enjoyed this little kitchen DIY.
I can't wait to see how your miss Boardy turned out. :)


Our home is constantly changing. I like to match the decor to the season of the year. The layout of the furniture and colors are always different. I just recently realized that I like to dress our home in the same colors that I dress myself. :) Those colors are light gray, more white, less black, and several shades of pink. With golden accessories, of course. :) The spring brought a new inspiration for simplicity, lightness and harmony.

This time I'm sharing three simple DIY tricks. The first one requires a little more patience than the other two, but the process is super easy. I'm talking about the wall fringes. :)

You can choose any number of colors for your fringes. I chose white alongside two shades of pink. My colors are placed without any special order, but you can always choose a symmetric pattern. Also, your wooden stick can be a little tree branch, it doesn't have to be processed wood.

The 'knitting' process is pretty simple:

1| Cut your thread into similar-length pieces. Double the length which you are planning for your fringes and that's the length that your pieces of thread should be.

2| Fold the piece of thread in half, place it on the table, then put the wooden stick on top of the thread, just below the fold. This will make a loop where the loose end of the thread should go through. Tighten it.

3| Repeat the same process for all of the fringes. But make sure to leave some free space at the edges of the stick.

4| When you are done with 'knitting', it's time for ironing. My suggestion is ironing on a firm surface while combing the fringes before every iron stroke.

5| The next step is cutting/styling the fringes. Place them between two sturdy surfaces ( a table and a thick book, for example ) and cut the ends in the shape you like. I chose a slant cut for my fringes but yours can be more symmetrical, V shaped, round or even geometrical.

6| Hang them up. I chose to hang them by a wooden stick but you can also tie some thread around the edges of a stick and hang the fringes on the wall by that thread.

Oh, I just love how they look next to the ladder-shelf decor. :)

I love experimenting with wall decor. I've been planning on getting a simple and silly wallpaper, for a while now. In the end, I decided on much more simple and fun solution.

1| Cut the tape into parts which are approximately the same size, around 5 - 6 cm ( 2 - 2,5"). They don't have to be identical, once on the wall they will all look the same.

2| Choose the space you would like to have between the crosses, both horizontally and vertically. The gaps I chose are 40cm (16") horizontally and 60cm (24") vertically.

3| The crosses of every row should line up in the middle of the space between the crosses of the row above. Check often if the pattern is straight by distancing yourself from a wall.

And that's the entire (piece of) work. ;)

Well, in this case, the picture says it all. :) Simple wooden crates, painted in your favorite color and placed on top of each other.

You can also make beautiful shelves by screwing the crates to the wall. The next thing I have to try is putting two old coffee table legs on a crate and making a bed-side table. :)

I hope you found the ideas fun and helpful. I really enjoyed this easy DIY projects. But now I enjoy our refreshed home even more. :)


I just love taking bubble baths - so relaxing and indulging. I always prepare a fun cocktail for my precious bubble bath time. But this time I had inspiration for a fun dessert. Let's start with decoration! :)

Our 'bubble bath' dessert is actually jello so our little rubber duck can easily 'float' on it. I chose a lemon-mint flavor because the mint syrup is blue and will give the color we need for our jello. :)

Preparation of this delicious and refreshing dessert is super easy. You will need:

2 lemons
* 2 spoons of sugar
* 2 spoons of mint syrup
* 1 spoon of gelatin
* whipped cream


1| Make lemonade with 0,4-0,5l of water.
2| Add sugar and mint syrup. Stir.
3| Add gelatin and stir well. ( Read instructions on your gelatin package, you might need to heat the lemonade. )
4| Pour the lemonade in the glasses you've chosen and put them in the fridge or a couple of hours.
5| When lemonade turns to jello, it's time for 'bubbles'. Add little 'balls' of whipped cream around the edges.
6| Place the mini rubber duck on top of the jello and add a swirly straw (the straw is only for decoration purposes, of course, you will need a spoon to eat this dessert :D ).

Is there a more fun dessert you can enjoy while taking a bubble bath? :)


Hey guys! I just wanted to share how my Easter eggs turned out this year and maybe give you some ideas. :)

This year I chose light pastel colors and simple patterns. The secret is in dyeing white eggs to get those pastels I am talking about. But I always leave some of them undyed, because white eggs look great next to the other colors. Also, are you aware of natural blue (mint) eggs? I just love their color, that's why I didn't dye them either. I added light pink, lilac and yellow eggs next to the mint and white ones, and the whole combination turned out delicious. :)

But what about those egg cartons? My recommendations are decoupage and painting them with acrylics. Last year I decoupaged the cartons with floral napkins, and this year I decided to paint them pink, of course. :) Add a ribbon or some flowers and your eggs are ready to go!

I hope you'll have a lovely and colorful Easter! :)